Dr. Artis Scholarships

Dr. David Artis Scholarship Award

Who Was Dr. Artis?

Dr. Dave was a long time member of York Peel. He was a principled chiropractor who was passionate about his profession, patients and community. He practiced in the "Junction" in West Toronto and was an active member of the local BIA. Dr. Dave founded an organization called OATH (Ontario Association for Tomorrow's Health) and was instrumental in bringing world class chiropractic speakers to Toronto and Hamilton for many years. He was indeed a forward-thinking chiropractor who understood the fundamental principle of Chiropractic, that the body is a self-healing organism and that the nervous system is the regulatory system that controls all systems in the body. His recreation time was spent playing Scrabble and Badminton and he was a long-time member of the Boulevard Club. Not only was Dr. Dave a great chiropractor but he was truly a man of distinction.

(We are looking of photos of Dr. Dave to post on this website. If you happen to have any or know where we might get some, please contact Dr. McCarthy at health@mccarthychiro.ca.)

York Peel sponsors two $500 awards at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

Dr. David W. Artis Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship, sponsored by the York Peel Chiropractic Society, is a tribute to the memory of Dr. David W. Artis. It is awarded to a Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College student who has demonstrated an understanding of what it means to be a principled chiropractor. This scholarship is open to students in all years who submit an autobiographical sketch and an essay on the topic, “What it means to be a principled chiropractor in the historical context and in present day practice.”  

York Peel Chiropractic Society Graduation Award